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We Offer Exceptional Roof Replacement Services in Knoxville, TN.

If you are looking for an accredited roofer to help solve your roof leaks, then Remarkable Roofing And Construction is here for you. 

We are servicing all of Knoxville, Tennessee, with roof replacement services. We have a team of professional roofers that could offer quality roofing expertise. Our approaches for roof replacement incorporate the very newest results in the roofing industry. Are you wanting to have top quality roofing material and fix issues quickly and competently by a local roofer serving Knoxville TN? Contact us soon to schedule an appointment for your roof replacement needs.

Are You Looking for a Knoxville Roofing Company for Roof Leak?

If you are a homeowner in Knoxville, TN, who suffers from a leaking roof, you are lucky because we deliver professional roof replacement services. By not getting a leaking roof solved, you could be creating more stressful matters later down the road. 

When Homeowners Want a Responsible Knoxville Roofer, They Call Remarkable Roofing And Construction. 

Residential Roofing

Commercial Roofing


Roof Replacement Offered by a Local Knoxville Roofing Company 

From larger cities to big towns, and in every rural community throughout the Metro Knoxville area and beyond, our complete roofing services are among the most highly rated.

Money does not grow on trees, and we understand that completely! Therefore you won’t just trust anybody with the job; you want to guarantee you are putting your home in the hands of a roofing contractor you can trust.

You won’t have to worry about additional expenses in the future because we don’t use substandard resources and tools when we do our job.

When we perform roof replacement services, you are getting a lifetime of experience compiled in another successful job performed by Remarkable Roofing And Construction. 

Don’t bear the burden of a leaking roof any longer, allow Remarkable Roofing And Construction to guide you through the processes of getting your roofing system fixed for good. Our goal is complete client approval, which is another reason we provide our Lifetime Service & Material Warranty. 

Remarkable Roofing And Construction Can Do It All!

At Remarkable Roofing And Construction, we respect you, your time, and, most importantly, the trust that you put in us to solve your roof leak.

Our roofing contractors’ keen attention to detail and work ethics, passion, commitment, and excellent customer relations are the qualities that set us apart from other roofing companies. We operate through honesty, integrity, personal responsibility, and ethical work practices.

It is the Remarkable Roofing And Construction difference that keeps our Knoxville customers grateful and thrilled—and it’s why we’ve grown to become the best Knoxville roofing service provider year after year. 

All of our Knoxville team members here at Remarkable Roofing And Construction know the values that we believe, and they carry out that same level of service to every homeowner.

Experienced Roof Replacement Experts You Can Trust! 

We have perfected our roof replacement techniques to deliver you the highest quality of service but at an affordable rate. 

We ensure all of our projects are performed with the highest safety standards to ensure no accidents occur on your job while also protecting you from liability and property damage. Any requirements placed by regulating authorities are followed and enforced at Remarkable Roofing And Construction. 

We stay up to date with the most cutting edge equipment/approaches to offer the most excellent roofing service possible. No time will be wasted with our well-prepared roofing company equipped to handle any of your roofing services. Our roofers are well prepared to handle any roofing job that is thrown their way.

Whether the job is big or small, you can expect a fast, friendly, clean, professional, and reliable roofing service from our well-trained roofers. When you contact us, we guarantee you will get the top Knoxville roofer.

Play it Safe & Choose Remarkable Roofing And Construction

If you value a dependable client experience and excellent communication, look no further than Remarkable Roofing And Construction. 

We respect your time, so we strive to accomplish any roofing service with the highest quality possible quickly. You will receive an honest price quote that is tailored for your unique situation and convenience. We do this to ensure you are thankful for our roofing services enough to tell a friend. 

If you choose Remarkable Roofing And Construction for your Knoxville roofing needs, we will strive for your complete validation! 

Remarkable Roofing And Construction is a local Knoxville roofer. While other Knoxville roofing companies will treat you like nothing more than an account number, you can rest assured that we will treat you like our neighbor. We’re not perfect, but we sure try to be. We strive to please every Knoxville roofing client, which has led to our success.

Don’t settle with the rest when you can have the best, Remarkable Roofing And Construction is available during our business hours to assist you according to your needs. Remarkable Roofing And Construction is second to none as a roofing contractor in Knoxville, Tennessee. We continue to stay focused on the foundation of our success: exceptional service, honesty, and integrity.

Our company offers dependable and high-quality roofing services that keep our Knoxville customers happy and delighted.

Book an Appointment with Our Roof Replacement Experts Today!

Our goal is to give you peace of mind when it comes to your roofing needs with our team of experienced roofers.

As you can see, Remarkable Roofing And Construction is not your average Knoxville roofing contractor.

So, book an appointment with us today!

For award-winning roofing in Knoxville, Tennessee!

Roofing Services

Roof Repair

We can solve and repair any types of roof damages as well as identify its underlying issues.

Roof Replacement

We replace severely damaged roofing with new sturdy and safe ones to prevent future mishaps.

Roof Inspection

We perform roof inspections to determine the integrity of your roof as well as ensure its safety and durability.

Roof Installation

Our professional roofers are experts in safe roofing installation.

Asphalt Roof Repair

Our team of specialists will fix your Asphalt roof and make sure it’s waterproof.

Asphalt Replacement

We replace Asphalt roof and ensure its longevity.

Metal Roof Repair

Our skilled roofers can solve whatever issues you have with your Metal Roofing System.

Metal Roof Replacement

We can replace your old metal roof with new and premium-quality ones.

Roof Storm Damage

We can resolve any roof storm damages and prevent it from happening again.

Emergency Roofing

With our services available 24/7, you do not need to worry about emergencies. We have got you covered.


Our services are covered by insurance. In case of emergency, you are secured with us.

Wood Shake Repair & Replacement

We fix and replace old wood shakes to maximize the convenience of your home.
Remarkable Roofing in Knoxville, TN

Why Choose Remarkable Roofing And Construction?

Remarkable Roofing And Construction is a locally owned Roofing company in Knoxville, TN with years of intensive and trusted experience. We pride ourselves in our innovative processes and we make sure that the services we offer are of the highest standards.


We value the welfare of our customers and the community. Our main goal is to provide an exceptional service that guarantees our clients’ satisfaction.

Remarkable Roofing Happy Family in Knoxville, TN


All our professional roofing experts are certified and insured. We guarantee your safety.

Experienced Roof Inspections

We will thoroughly inspect your roof or chimney using the most trusted methods available.

Frequently Asked Questions

We offer free roof replacement estimates.


Yes we offer financing and can work with a large variety of credit scenarios to make the process quick and simple.

We primarily service Knoxville, TN, and surrounding areas within a 45 mile radius.

What Our Customers Say

Will Rock
Will Rock
Read More
Daniel did an amazing job replacing our roof. We no longer have to worry about the leaks from our ceiling. Keep up the good work, Remarkable Roofing!
Emmet Crawford
Emmet Crawford
Read More
Jim and Robert were very friendly and they even gave me a few tips on how to maintain our roof. It is remarkable!
James Walker
James Walker
Read More
Just got our roof replaced and was able to get the whole package for a very cheap price! Definitely recommended!
Robert Hayes
Robert Hayes
Read More
Our roof looks so new, I almost didn't recognize the whole house! Good job Remarkable Roofing!!!
Karen Smith
Karen Smith
Read More
I can't wait to have my friends over and let them notice our newly repaired roof!! It looks so nice!!!!

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