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What is Wind Driven Rain?

What is Wind Driven Rain?

Two of the most common elements of a huge storm passing through the area are high winds and heavy rains. If you begin to notice that there is a damp spot appearing on the ceiling in any room in your home, it could mean that there is an issue with your existing roof system. This may be the first time that this has occurred, in fact, you may have had a calmer storm earlier in the week that didn’t cause any water spots. This will leave you wondering, what is so different about this storm?

The majority of the calls we receive are customers that are concerned about leaks that have occurred after a storm that had wind driven rains. In most cases these home owners state that the roof or ceiling will have a leak during such storms but not during regular rainfall. When you consider rain falling vertically onto the roof, it will be more likely to drip off like it’s supposed to. Whereas if rain is being thrown around by the wind in a more horizontal pattern, it can force water to enter your roof in ways that you didn’t know where possible.

Wind driven rain can be dangerous for any type of roofing material and it can affect even the newest roofs that have been recently installed. It will be able to make its way past shingles, chimneys, windows, walls, skylights, siding, and more. In the event that you notice your home is being affected by wind driven rain, it’s time to call the professionals.

A qualified roofer will be able to make their way out to your property to assess your existing roof and see if there are any problem areas to take into consideration. Once they have evaluated the damage, they will devise a treatment plan to help repair the issues with your approval. Making sure that you get routine maintenance on your roof is essential to protect the integrity of your home and its structure. If a large storm passes through the area and your home experiences damage, it is imperative that you contact a roofing professional as soon as possible. This is because the longer your house remains damaged, the greater risk there is for more damage to be made. You could find yourself faced with rotting wood, mold, and extensive forms of water damage. Make sure that you call our team ahead of time to save the most time and money.

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A Few Things to Consider When Replacing Your Residential Roof

Things To Consider For The Roof Of Your Home

There is a number of factors that will determine how and when you are going to need to replace your residential roof. These are the things to consider when you are going to need to repair or replace your roof.

Location, Location, Location

Is your home near the water or near an open field? Are you living in an area where there is a lot of high winds? If so, then you will want to consider the higher level or grade materials for your roof instead of the standard basic shingles. If you reside near an ocean, salt water can also play a role in how your roof holds up. The salt in the water can affect the metal of the roof so if the roof is made from metal, have it inspected regularly.

Money for your Budget

Your money should be counted and spent according to how much you have, it is an object therefore should be spent according to as such. The residential roof of your home should be ecological as well as well cared for. The roof goes up in levels from a basic roof to a 3 tab shingle roof. The 3 tab shingle roof is made to withstand a wind speed of up to 60 miles per hour. It is a good, quality roof but the architectural roof is made to hold up to 130 miles per hour. The main difference is the price between the different levels. The value of your home is shown through by the way you care for it therefore if at all possible, make the decision to accommodate your budget for the better roof.

Slope of The Roof

The slope of your roof can play a major role in the style of roof you need for your home. There is a flat roof and a 3:12 pitch that is considered to be a low slope roof which will require a membrane roof system in order to perform at its best.

Rental or Home?

The people who choose to live someplace for long term reasons are the ones who will typically spend the much needed money on the roof system. They look at their home as an investment and not just someplace to live. They take pride in what they own so therefore will spend more money on keeping their home safe. For this reason, if you plan on staying longer, spend more money on your roofing system to keep it intact and for as long as possible before you need to make more repairs or replace.

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Maintenance On Your Roof Will Improve Its Lifespan

Keeping Your Home Safe With Scheduled Maintenance on your Roof

Most people do not understand or realize the harsh elements of weather on the roof of their home. In the middle of summer, heat can climb to over 100 degrees and some materials such as slate, can become to hot to even handle. Same theory for winter applies where temperatures can drop to below freezing. The difference in your weather can severely impact your roof and the life of your roof.

With the different temperatures in any given season, the roof surface has to be able to withstand all types of precipitation as well as wind, sleet, snow and hail. In the middle of tornado season, the roof should be able to withstand the winds that come and should protect the inside of the home from damage from the high winds.

If your home has not had proper maintenance performed, the roof may fail from keeping the home safe from debris or wind and rain. This can cause more damage to your home if not cared for properly on a regular basis.

When it comes to working on the roof, the person working on the roof knows that it will depend on the weather and what they can do on the roof. If the temperature outside is too hot, there will be some things that cannot be done properly without risking the job being a waste. Some things like coating, shingle repairs or slate will not be properly done if the temperature is too hot. In the same respect, if the temperature is too cold, the weather will play a role in how the materials used are damaged. In the cold, the materials can become brittle or easily damaged.

Imagine what your countertops in the home would look like if they were not properly maintained or if the floor in your home was never swept. The same theory applies to how the roof of your home is going to be. Your roof of the home is made to withstand the most extreme weather conditions possible and therefore to keep it working at the highest level possible, you want to make sure that your roof is maintained. If you have not performed scheduled maintenance on your roof or cannot remember when the last time your maintenance was performed, it would not hurt to call a roofing specialist in to take a look at the roof of your home. It will be a no cost no obligation appointment and when done, you will have a clear mind of what your home will be like.

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Getting A New Roof Installed Soon? Here’s What To Expect…

Are You Ready for Your New Roof? What To Expect!

The day is nearing for your new roof install! How excited are you? You picked out the materials, got the color you want and are ready to say bye bye to your old roof. There are a couple of things that you can do to insure that your roof goes up without a hitch.  Of course there are a few things that you should expect as well and you may want to plan accordingly.

Getting prepared for the roofers may be as simple as letting everyone in the household know not to block the driveway or it may mean having to move things around from the side of the house for easy access. Taking the steps below will insure an easy install.

  • Attic Fans
  • Turn off attic fans!
  • Clear the Driveway

The roofing professionals will need to park in your driveway so that they can have easy access to the work truck to unload materials and get to the truck quickly in case they need to replenish materials or grab a tool.

Ask everyone in the household to please move their cars into the garage or upcoming mobiles 2017 on to the streets. Of course for safety sake it is also a good idea not to have the cars parked in the driveway “just in case”.

Clear the Perimeter

Any items around the building will need to be removed. Roof work can be hazardous and to avoid things being damaged it is important that nothing is left up against the building or in close proximity. It is also necessary to keep the path around the building clear for easy access for the roofers.

It’s Loud

The noise will be consistent and loud! Nail guns and other equipment will be used in the process. If noise bothers you, you may not want to stay home during the work hours.

Pets and Children

Roofing happens in a couple of stages. There may be debris coming off the roof that may wind up on the lawn or in the backyard. Every precaution is taken during the process to insure that all safety measures are taken but there are occasions when roofing materials will be on the lawn until the clean up occurs for this reason please keep children and pets indoors away from the perimeter of the house.

Your Satellite TV

If you satellite TV is mounted on the roof it may have to be removed which of course would leave you without TV for the duration of the project.

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Warning Signs: How to Avoid a Roof Collapse

How to Keep Your Roof Intact

An unexpected nightmare that may occur is a roof collapse.

This can happen at some point in time and at any given time in a year. The weight of heavy snowfall in northern areas as well as the high winds that come during spring can impact the roof. It is best to make sure that your home is well protected at all times throughout the year in order to keep it protected from a number of weather elements.

The snow related collapse is caused from the amounts of heavy snow that you get during the winter. The continuous amounts of snow at any given time can cause the roof of your home to collapse. The snow weight for one cubic foot of snow is equal to approximately 8 pounds. When the snow is compacted or pressed down, the weight becomes more and therefore can cause the roof to collapse sooner rather than later. The other forms of precipitation can also impact the roof and how soon the roof would collapse. The compounding factor is if the moisture on the roof has soaked into the roof or not.

A flat roof or a slower pitched roof is at a higher risk for accumulating a good amount of precipitation and therefore should be watched closer than a pitched roof.

There will be warning signs that you should look for when you start to notice something is not right and therefore should make a phone call to your local roofer.

Here are some things to keep in mind when you notice larger accumulations of snow:

  • Interior ceiling or exterior shingles sagging in areas.
  • Leakage that is severe or repeated.
  • Your exterior masonry is cracked.
  • A bend, ripple, or deformation in the supports of the roof or framing structure.
  • A sprinkler head is noticed to have fallen below a ceiling tile.
  • You notice a door or window has become more difficult to open and they open up on their own.
  • A bowed utility pipe or conduit at a ceiling.

If you notice any of these things you should contact your local roofer to come out and inspect your roof. There are 24 hour answering services to help answer your calls and to help when you need it.

If you keep an eye on your roof and perform regular maintenance, your roof should be well cared for and should last longer than someone who does not care for their roof.