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Before You List Your House For Sale Should You Replace the Roof

Before You List Your House For Sale Should You Replace the Roof

The market is still pretty tough for sellers. It is absolutely a buyers market. There are a few things that you can do to attract buyers and beat out the competition. Buyers are savvy and they know what a value it is when they get a home with a new roof.

Homeowners make some major mistakes when they are trying to enhance their property to entice buyers. They focus their attention on the wrong things. It is fine to fix up, paint and add some attractive landscaping but when you have stiff competition it is important that you really put your best foot forward with your house and stand out from the pack.

A new roof can do that for you!

Home Warranty

How much do you think it would improve your chances of selling your home if you could transfer over a roof warranty that would give the buyers peace of mind? In all likelihood it would be a huge selling point.

Having a new roof means that your buyer will not have to worry about repairs or replacement for years and years. This can be a huge selling point and it may also be a necessity.

Your Liability

If you sell a house and do not disclose structural issues or roof damage you may be held liable for the repairs. If you try to sell the house “as is” to avoid disclosing that there is a problem with the roof, good luck.

The market is such that buyers do not need to resort to “as is” condition. It is also a huge turn off to anyone that is looking for a house to buy to have to consider what is wrong with an “as is” property. Most people will not even look at a property that has that terminology listed in the ad because they are afraid of what they are getting into and rightfully so.

When you put your money where it will make the most difference and do the most good it will help you to sell your home at a higher price with the peace of mind to know that you are not passing on any issues to the buyer.

Get the Full Value

Why settle for less than you property is worth because you are having some roofing issues? You will easily make back the investment of a new roof when you sell your home.


5 Christmas Decorating Tips to Not Damage Your Roof

5 Decorating Tips Without Damaging Your Roof


The holidays are almost here! Before you know it, it will be time to decorate. Many people decorate the outside of their homes and use their roof as a base to hang lights and other decorations but decorations can damage your roof if they are not used the right way.

These 5 decorating tips can help you get the most out of your holiday decorations without causing damage to your roof.

Don’t Nail It

One of the biggest mistakes overzealous decorators make is to hammer in nails into their roof to hang decorations from. This is a really big no-no. Do not nail anything to the roof or you risk ruining the shingles and leaving holes behind that water can seep into. Use special clips that are made for the specific purpose of decorating with lights on your roof.

Don’t Overweight the Gutters

They sell clips that can clip on to your gutters to hang lights from. Only use these clips as directed because if you add too much weight to the clips you may wind up damaging your gutters. Take your time and read the directions.

Watch Your Chimney

There are a lot of elaborate lightweight blow up type decorations out there that people secure to their roofs. Be very careful around your chimney or flue. You never know with windy conditions if your new blow up is going to wind up going up in flames if it comes in contact with the chimney or flue. Be sure to mount blow ups and other decorations far enough from the chimney so that there is no chance of them coming in contact with eachother.

Don’t Rip it Down

When the holidays are over it can seem like a good idea to just rip those lights that took you hours to clip on off. Don’t do it. Take your time to dismantle everything or you will risk damage to the roof. It can be very tempting to just give a few tugs but don’t do it!

Beware of Satellite Dishes, Antennas and Power Lines

Be careful not to come in contact with anything that is mounted on your roof. Besides injuring yourself you can also wind up ripping down whatever is mounted up there. Be sure that you steer clear of any vents as well. Roofs are very sensitive systems that you really need to pay attention too or risk causing serious damage.

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Is Your Roof Ready For The Holidays

Get a New Roof before the Holidays

The time to get a new roof is before the holidays. You do not want to go through the embarrassment of a leaky roof when friends and family around for the holidays. It is a lot easier to deal with roofing issues now before the holidays roll around.

There is nothing worse than having problems around the house when you have a house full of company.

Enjoy Your Holidays

Don’t stress during the holidays about your roof. You want to have everything in order and ready to go by the time the holidays are here. The last thing you want to have to worry about is your roof leaking during the holidays. You want the peace of mind knowing that your roof is safe and sound.

You will be able to enjoy your holidays if your roof is taken care of. One less thing to worry about.

Prepare Your Home

Now is a great time to get your home in its best shape. Don’t you want your home to look its best for the holidays? A new roof can help to transform your home into a beautiful holiday showplace. A new roof will increase the will increase the curb appeal of your home.

If you need a new roof now is the best time to do it. Your roof provides important protection for your property as you know. Making sure that everything is in tip top condition for your holiday company starts with making sure that your roof system does not have any unwanted surprises in store for you during the holidays.

The Bad Weather Is Coming

The weather is about to get bad. If your roof has been giving you a problem now is the time to address it because once the rain, cold, sleet and potential for snow increases the less likely it is that your roof is going to be able to hold up.

This is the best time to do roof repairs or replacement. The weather is still cooperating. The holidays are still far enough off and the cost is affordable. There is no time like the present to get your roof replaced or repaired. Don’t put it off until after the holidays you may find yourself in a much worse situation by then.

Let your guests see your home in all its glory with a great new roof that will protect your biggest investment for years to come.


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4 Things to Avoid When Buying a Roof

Roofing No No’s

Every home owner will experience a time when they need to evaluate the condition of their roof, whether they live in a newer home or an older one. At times we can find ourselves asking if we should choose the less experienced but less expensive contractor or if we’re even able to save money by trying to repair or install the roof ourselves. It is always important to remember that even though hiring a professional may be the more expensive option, it is the best option available to you. Below are 4 things that you need to avoid when you’re making decisions about your roof.

  1. Repairing or Replacing a Roof with No Experience

Having little to no experience when you’re working on your roof is the worst thing that you could do. It is far more beneficial to leave it up to the professionals as you could find yourself spending thousands of dollars and doing the job incorrectly. You will also be putting yourself and your family at risk. There have been numerous times where our team has been called in to repair a do-it-yourself job at home and the previous work isn’t only a waste of the home owner’s time, but their money as well.

  1. Buying the Materials Yourself

There’s a reason as to why our team works with a certain materials as their durability and integrity has been tried and tested over many years of use. Finding the best deal for roofing materials is always a good thing, but it can also be advantageous to rely on the prices that your contractor can get. You won’t have to worry about buying the wrong amount of materials and in most cases your contractor will have access to better ones that will last a longer period of time.

  1. Installing the Wrong Products

It is important to note that not every roofing product is good for your roof, in fact there are plenty of products that might be easy to use at first but will cause a significant amount of damage over time. Relying on the professionals will help to make sure that the right components are installed in the right way.

  1. Hiring the Wrong Contractor

Making sure the job is done right is just as important as making sure the right materials are used. Take the time to find a reputable contractor in your area that has an extensive list of references that you can contact. Talk to friends and family members to see if they know anyone that would be able to help you with your roofing needs.

Understanding the Warranty for Your Shingle Roof

After you’ve had a new roof installed and it looks more beautiful than ever, it’s important that you take the time to figure out how your newest expenditure can be protected throughout the year. Roofs are exposed to a variety of damaging elements ranging from weather to the UV rays from the sun. Understanding the warranty for shingle roofs is particular important for people that live in areas with inclement weather.

When you hire our team to complete your roofing job you can rest assured that we stand behind the work that we have completed. We make sure that our customers get the highest quality workmanship for a price that they can feel comfortable with. It is our professional duty to ensure that your roof is installed correctly and will last an extended period of time. It is important that you take the time to maintain your roof throughout its lifetime much like your car will need repairs after years of use.

Once we have finished the job, we will provide you with a package of information that includes details about the material warranty for the roof that you have just had installed. Our warranty for the workmanship offers a set amount of years (in most cases, 10) stating that there won’t be any leaks or defects as a result of incorrect installation. In the event that you experience issues, we will repair them for you at no cost as long as the problems are a result of our workmanship.

The warranty that we provide is only applicable to roof repairs and does not apply to damages to your property as a result of acts of God, such as tornadoes, hurricanes, lighting, earthquakes, hail, etc. If the situation is out of our control, it will not be covered by warranty. Failure of the materials that we use is also not covered under our warranty though it will be covered under the manufacturer’s warranty. You will also have information about manufacturer’s warranties for the materials used on your property to ensure that you are sufficiently covered every step of the way.

If you have any pressing questions or concerns about the workmanship warranty that you have received, you can easily contact one of our professional technicians either before, during, or after you have booked us for the roof repair or replacement job. We will answer any concerns that you may have.

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What is Wind Driven Rain?

What is Wind Driven Rain?

Two of the most common elements of a huge storm passing through the area are high winds and heavy rains. If you begin to notice that there is a damp spot appearing on the ceiling in any room in your home, it could mean that there is an issue with your existing roof system. This may be the first time that this has occurred, in fact, you may have had a calmer storm earlier in the week that didn’t cause any water spots. This will leave you wondering, what is so different about this storm?

The majority of the calls we receive are customers that are concerned about leaks that have occurred after a storm that had wind driven rains. In most cases these home owners state that the roof or ceiling will have a leak during such storms but not during regular rainfall. When you consider rain falling vertically onto the roof, it will be more likely to drip off like it’s supposed to. Whereas if rain is being thrown around by the wind in a more horizontal pattern, it can force water to enter your roof in ways that you didn’t know where possible.

Wind driven rain can be dangerous for any type of roofing material and it can affect even the newest roofs that have been recently installed. It will be able to make its way past shingles, chimneys, windows, walls, skylights, siding, and more. In the event that you notice your home is being affected by wind driven rain, it’s time to call the professionals.

A qualified roofer will be able to make their way out to your property to assess your existing roof and see if there are any problem areas to take into consideration. Once they have evaluated the damage, they will devise a treatment plan to help repair the issues with your approval. Making sure that you get routine maintenance on your roof is essential to protect the integrity of your home and its structure. If a large storm passes through the area and your home experiences damage, it is imperative that you contact a roofing professional as soon as possible. This is because the longer your house remains damaged, the greater risk there is for more damage to be made. You could find yourself faced with rotting wood, mold, and extensive forms of water damage. Make sure that you call our team ahead of time to save the most time and money.

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A Few Things to Consider When Replacing Your Residential Roof

Things To Consider For The Roof Of Your Home

There is a number of factors that will determine how and when you are going to need to replace your residential roof. These are the things to consider when you are going to need to repair or replace your roof.

Location, Location, Location

Is your home near the water or near an open field? Are you living in an area where there is a lot of high winds? If so, then you will want to consider the higher level or grade materials for your roof instead of the standard basic shingles. If you reside near an ocean, salt water can also play a role in how your roof holds up. The salt in the water can affect the metal of the roof so if the roof is made from metal, have it inspected regularly.

Money for your Budget

Your money should be counted and spent according to how much you have, it is an object therefore should be spent according to as such. The residential roof of your home should be ecological as well as well cared for. The roof goes up in levels from a basic roof to a 3 tab shingle roof. The 3 tab shingle roof is made to withstand a wind speed of up to 60 miles per hour. It is a good, quality roof but the architectural roof is made to hold up to 130 miles per hour. The main difference is the price between the different levels. The value of your home is shown through by the way you care for it therefore if at all possible, make the decision to accommodate your budget for the better roof.

Slope of The Roof

The slope of your roof can play a major role in the style of roof you need for your home. There is a flat roof and a 3:12 pitch that is considered to be a low slope roof which will require a membrane roof system in order to perform at its best.

Rental or Home?

The people who choose to live someplace for long term reasons are the ones who will typically spend the much needed money on the roof system. They look at their home as an investment and not just someplace to live. They take pride in what they own so therefore will spend more money on keeping their home safe. For this reason, if you plan on staying longer, spend more money on your roofing system to keep it intact and for as long as possible before you need to make more repairs or replace.

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Maintenance On Your Roof Will Improve Its Lifespan

Keeping Your Home Safe With Scheduled Maintenance on your Roof

Most people do not understand or realize the harsh elements of weather on the roof of their home. In the middle of summer, heat can climb to over 100 degrees and some materials such as slate, can become to hot to even handle. Same theory for winter applies where temperatures can drop to below freezing. The difference in your weather can severely impact your roof and the life of your roof.

With the different temperatures in any given season, the roof surface has to be able to withstand all types of precipitation as well as wind, sleet, snow and hail. In the middle of tornado season, the roof should be able to withstand the winds that come and should protect the inside of the home from damage from the high winds.

If your home has not had proper maintenance performed, the roof may fail from keeping the home safe from debris or wind and rain. This can cause more damage to your home if not cared for properly on a regular basis.

When it comes to working on the roof, the person working on the roof knows that it will depend on the weather and what they can do on the roof. If the temperature outside is too hot, there will be some things that cannot be done properly without risking the job being a waste. Some things like coating, shingle repairs or slate will not be properly done if the temperature is too hot. In the same respect, if the temperature is too cold, the weather will play a role in how the materials used are damaged. In the cold, the materials can become brittle or easily damaged.

Imagine what your countertops in the home would look like if they were not properly maintained or if the floor in your home was never swept. The same theory applies to how the roof of your home is going to be. Your roof of the home is made to withstand the most extreme weather conditions possible and therefore to keep it working at the highest level possible, you want to make sure that your roof is maintained. If you have not performed scheduled maintenance on your roof or cannot remember when the last time your maintenance was performed, it would not hurt to call a roofing specialist in to take a look at the roof of your home. It will be a no cost no obligation appointment and when done, you will have a clear mind of what your home will be like.

Why is Proper Roof Ventilation So Important?

The Right Roof Ventilation -What It Means

Your roof is one of the most important systems of your home. It provides protection from the elements so that they rest of the systems or your home can function properly. When your roof fails you can expect that other systems are not far behind.  Insuring that your roof is performing 100% as it should will help to keep all your home systems operating at the height of their capacity.

The roof ventilation is a very important part of the roofing system of your property.  Most people do not give their roof ventilation much thought. Many people consider the roof ventilation system to be an important part of letting the heat out of their attic and it is but it is so much more.

Heating and Cooling

Your heating and cooling system depend greatly upon a properly functioning roof ventilation system. The idea is that your system will exchange the hot air for cooler air.  One of the best ways to facilitate this air movement is by having built in soffits that allow the cool air to flow through.

The air under the overhangs of your home always have cool air hanging around because the area is always in the shade. Soffits are an excellent way to insure that the the cool air comes in and pushes the hot air out through the roof vents.

Cost Savings

The proper roof ventilation system can help to reduce both your heating and cooling costs.  The proper ventilation system can also extend the life of your roof which of course is also a cost savings measure.

If You Notice

Your attic should not be suffocating hot in the summer. If it is too hot up in the attic than you may not have the right roof ventilation system. If you notice mold, or frost on the rafters after a cold spell than you may not have the right ventilation system.

Moisture on the tips of the nails in your rafters may not mean that you have a leak it may mean that there is condensation building up from poor ventilation. Moisture can absolutely be your homes worst enemy. A proper ventilation system can help to avoid all the mishaps that moisture can cause.

We can help! If you are having ventilation issues we can come and take a look and make recommendations to improve your ventilation system.

What To Do When Your Roof Is Leaking!

What Do You Do When Your Roof Is Leaking?

There are good doctors and not so good doctors. If you are sick you want the best doctor you can find to diagnose the illness and help you get well. When your house is “sick” with a leaky roof you should also want the best roof technician to help diagnose the issue and repair it.

Not all roofers are the same. Some are great at installs, some are not. Some are just roll and go folks. Every roofer has a purpose but not every roofer can diagnose where a leak is coming from and what the best method is to repair the roof.

Leaks Are Deceiving

To really get to the bottom of a leaky roof you have to be able to diagnose a couple of different things:

  1. What is the source of the leak ie; damaged shingle, missing shingles, slope issues, weather damage. What happened to the roof that causes it to leak?
  2. Where is point zero for the leak? Sometimes leaks can be very deceiving by the time they are noticed. It may seem like the leak is coming from right over the living room but the reality is the leak is coming from 3 or 4 rooms to the left and the pitch of the roof makes it seem to be leaking from right above.
  3. What is the proper process for repairing the leak and making sure it does not happen again? Not every leak can be repaired in the same way.

Many professional roofers are limited by what they can do because they do not have the tools nor the specialty training to really narrow down the cause of the leak. They do not have the knowledge to properly repair a leaky roof so that it does not start back up again.

Unfortunately some “professional” roofers really fit into the “handy man” category and are not professional roofers at all!

Make The Right Choice

One of the best ways to save money on a leaky roof is to address the issue immediately. It is not going to go away on its own. Of course using a true professional roofer is also going to save you money by insuring that the job is done right the first time.

Locating the leak, repairing the leak and minimizing damage to the rest of the roof is exactly what a professional roofer can do for you! Make the right choice get a professional in to help you with your leaky roof.