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5 Favorite Garage Gadgets

For those who spend loads of their time in the garage, either working on their cars or honing another skill or hobby, certain technologies and gadgets are essential; to keep your garage comfortable, organized and safe, and just plain modern and cool! Here are the hottest products on the market that will take your garage […]

Characteristics of Poor Water Quality To Look For

The presence of toxic chemicals from nearby fertilizers and pollutants, animal or human waste, fungis, radiation, or natural but harmful elements can be the leading cause behind your water’s change in odor, appearance, or taste. This article outlines some of the basic knowledge needed to quickly assess the health of your water and address any […]


Points To Consider When Replacing Your Home’s Windows

Replacing your home’s windows is not a small investment. It’s best to consider the following when deciding which window type, installation, and company you will choose to outfit the job. Properly installed, quality energy-efficient windows can save you between 25-50% on your energy bill. Make the right decision. If you want to calculate just how […]

5 Spring Home Maintenance Must-Dos

March 20th marks the beginning of Spring and for many homeowners, the beginning of your Spring cleaning routine. Here are 5 must-dos to maintain your home, avoid costly repairs, and save you a few headaches this coming Summer. Inspect Your Roof Exposure to heat can also damage your roof, but it’s extremely important to walk […]

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Planning A Home Evacuation Plan For Your Family

Considering recent events, it’s important to develop an emergency preparedness plan for your family and review it regularly. Many families are not prepared in major disasters and find themselves apart from their close family members, without any food, tools, or resources. In the event of a major natural disaster, having acted on these suggestions could […]

Outdoor Christmas Decor Checklist

Outdoor Grade Lights and Decorations At your local home improvement store, you’ll find a wide variety of outdoor grade lights and decorations to choose from. There are traditional string lights, lit-up figures, net lights to surround your trees and shrubs, and large ornaments to hang from trees. When looking for décor appropriate from outdoor use, […]


Best Easter Basket Fillers For All Ages 2017

Easter egg hunts are very typical, and affordable activities for the Easter holiday, but Easter baskets are more exciting and personalized. If you are bringing the kids to a community or church Easter egg hunt, consider making them their own basket. Some people even make a hunt out of the finding of the baskets. Each […]