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From Roof Leaks To Water Damage

What Causes Roof Leaks? Roof leaks are caused by all kinds of problems. They can be caused by hail, strong winds, rains, heavy snowfalls, ice dams and more common of all, old age. In rarer cases, they may be caused by intense heat or even falling debris. So it doesn’t matter how strong or durable […]


Ways Trees Will Damage Your Roof

Protect The Roof of Your house From Tree Damages Before The Fall People usually get concerned and do a lot of preparations when anticipating for the fall. There are many projects and preparations around the house going around to make sure that everything will be fine during winter. There is always the part of trees […]

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Is Your Roof Protected? You Should Consider Investing in Protection…

Top Reasons Why You Should Consider Investing In The Roof Protection Membership A roof is very essential to your house. You will realize that your roof normally serves many purposes. It normally protects you from rain, snow and so on. It also provides shade during the hotter months. As a homeowner, you should protect your […]

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Something Your Home Inspector Won’t Tell You

Home Inspectors Are Not Roof Inspectors Getting a home inspector to assess the state of your home doesn’t include him or her going overboard to look for more like roof problems and plumbing or even your AC system. Their list doesn’t cover all that; theirs is just to identify the problem and the rest is left […]


How Well Does Metal Roofs Do In Winter?

Performance of metal roofs during winter period One of the most challenging times for a home’s roof is during the winter months. The snow and ice builds up which can damage the roof. Metal roofing is the best solution since it tends to be energy efficient. It can turn into a nightmare if you experience […]


Roof Holiday Decor Safety

As the holiday season draws near, we flock to the local store to purchase our favorite decorations to bring the spirit of Christmas alive. We purchase lights, or inflatable figures. When we get our decorations home, it is time to start installing them. It is this time of the year that we are at a […]